Preparing for the morning of the wedding day

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Top tips for the morning of the wedding day

The countdown to your wedding is on! You’ve booked your venue, your dress is on order and your bookings are all confirmed. Now you can kick back, relax and think about how the day will come together – then it sinks in that you’re probably going to have an entourage on the morning of the wedding day; bridesmaids, a hair dresser, a make up artist oh and a photographer to capture it all on camera!

Whilst some people take this in their stride, others find it incredibly intimidating, and understandably so, when else does anyone get that much attention in one day (unless maybe you’re a Kardashian!?)

With this in mind, I wanted to dedicate a blog post to preparing for the morning of the wedding. 

Plan your wedding day timeline 

It’s likely you will work with your make-up artist and hairdresser to agree a timeline for the morning. I like to try and start the day with the bride once hair and make-up starts. This may sound like a while but it gives me time to set up, capture some of the details like the dress, shoes etc and document all of the activity of the morning.

Bridal Preparations


If you are able to choose the location you are getting ready, try to go with large room with plenty of window light, not only will this make a nice setting for photos but your make up artist will thank you for it!

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Get comfortable 

When choosing what to wear on the morning of the wedding, consider wearing something that you can easily remove without messing up your hair.

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Staying calm

Task one of your bridesmaids with keeping the place tidy. You don’t want this to take over the morning of course, but keeping your getting ready space clutter free will help you stay calm and chilled and remove anything you might not want to be in your photographs.

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Don’t be worried about pre make-up photographs 

Trust your photographer – we’ve got this! As a wedding photographer I  want you to feel great and love your wedding photographs. This means that there will be occasions where you’ll be scratching your head at what it appears I’m taking pictures of, but just go with the flow and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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Get into your dress earlier than you think you need to 

My advice is to aim to get into your dress roughly an hour before you’re due to leave. It seems like a long time but it feels like a whirlwind and it will fly by. Personally, I found it to be quite a nerve-racking experience (no idea why!?) and I know some other brides do too, so you’ll need some time to relax into your dress, get your lippy topped up and take a deep breath before you make your way to the ceremony.

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Have fun 

The obvious one but the most important. The morning of the wedding is a truly wonderful time on your wedding day; it’s exciting and emotional and a million other emotions in between, and it’s so much fun to prepare for the best day of your life with some of your favourite people. Enjoy it!

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Bridal preparation is included in all of my wedding packages. It’s a great way for the bride and bridal party to get used to having me around, so by the time we’re leaving for the ceremony most people will be used to me clicking away without even noticing I’m there.

Recently engaged and looking for a wedding photographer? I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me on Facebook, Instagram or via my contact page.

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